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Configuring Outlook for Windows XP Home/Professional

The following information will help you in setting up Outlook XP for email.

- Open Outlook by clicking on the icon, then click on the TOOLS menu, then choose E-Mail Accounts

- Put a dot next to Add a new e-mail account, then click the Next button.

- Put a dot next to POP3, then click the Next button.

- In the Your Name box, type your full name.

- In the E-mail Address box, type your email address.

- In the Incoming mail server (POP3) box, type:

- In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) box, type:

- In the User Name box, type your username.

- In the Password box, type your password.

- If you want Outlook to remember your password so you won't have to type
   it each time you check for email, put a check next to Remember password.

- Click the Next button.

- At the final screen, click the Finish button.

Outlook XP is now setup to check your email!

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